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Google expands job search features in the UK

Google expands job search features in the UK

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Google is expanding its job search feature to the UK, the company announced last night in a blog post. Now, job hunters will be able to search for employment through the Google Jobs function and have access to info like salary, reviews, and commute time to the office.

In the blog post, Google highlights two existing features that will help job seekers: a job search save function and email alerts for jobs that were posted while you’re not actively browsing its site. Still, Glassdoor, which operates in the UK, has most of these features already, including a salary estimator and single tap saves.

The one point that Google can leverage is its inclusion of Google Maps to help you calculate the commute time from your home to a potential new job, which could be an additional consideration for job hunters who ordinarily don’t prioritize that in the initial search. You can type “jobs near me” to bring up relevant positions with salary and review info attached.

Image: Google

Google Jobs was launched last year in the US, and it has arrived in several other countries like India and Canada since then. Google says it will eventually expand into more destinations.