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Netflix’s now measures upload speeds

Netflix’s now measures upload speeds

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Two years after its launch, Netflix’s internet speed test is getting an update. is now able to measure upload speed and latency. Before, it would only show your download speed. Netflix says it’s run more than 500 million tests since launch, with half of those happening in just the past seven months. is one of the more useful speed tests out there since it measures your connection to Netflix’s servers. In some cases, internet providers seem to optimize connections to popular speed tests in order to make their network appear stronger. In this case, doing that would mean improving the speed at which we’re able to stream Netflix, so ultimately, the test is measuring something meaningful.

The site previously said latency was a stat for “network engineers”

Upload speeds aren’t quite as relevant to Netflix, but it is a valuable stat to have on hand if you’re skeptical about whether you’re getting the speeds you pay for. The test now also displays latency, broken down into “unloaded” and “loaded” categories — essentially, whether your network is busy or not — which should give an additional perspective on how quickly your computer is connecting to Netflix’s servers.

Netflix says it’s adding the additional info because some users “crave more information.” Previously, said it didn’t include similar details because “it is not a network engineer’s analysis and diagnostic speed test suite.”

Google also launched a speed test tool about two years ago. Speed tests are by no means hard to come by, but being able to test your speed against major websites is a good option to have.