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Now you can use Google Assistant to map out your day

Now you can use Google Assistant to map out your day


And do a lot of other stuff, too

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Google just announced that it will introduce a “visual snapshot” feature in Assistant to summarize what’s happening in your day.

The feature, which is available on Android and iOS devices starting this week, will curate a user’s personal information into a single, scrollable interface — from flight times to restaurant reservations to scheduled meetings. The app will also integrate these “snapshots” with whatever notes and lists are jotted into a user’s other note-taking apps, including Google Keep,, and Todoist. Assistant can also factor in the time needed for your daily commute, depending on whether you drive, bike, or walk there.

Image: Google

When you move from place to place throughout the day, your overview will be updated. Android users can check for updates by tapping on the blue inbox icon at the top of Assistant’s home screen, and iOS users can check for updates with a long press of the home button upon launching the app, according to CNET.

Assistant will also be expanding to include recommendations for music, podcasts, nearby events, and even the stocks you follow.