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Twitch broadcasts are getting GIFs

Twitch broadcasts are getting GIFs


What could possibly go wrong?

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Twitch is adding GIF usage to its platform. The company announced today that streamers can now search for and pull animated images using the Giphy extension. GIFs will then post to a pre-determined section of the screen dictated by the streamer.

According to Twitch, GIFs will be queued up and delivered one-by-one. “Extensions are a great framework designed to make channels on Twitch more interactive so creators can better engage and retain their fans,” said VP of developer experience Amir Shevat in a prepared statement. “With GIPHY tapping into their extensive library of animated Gifs for their new Extension, it adds a fun and compelling new element to the social video experience that is sure to resonate with the current meme generation.”

Giphy has had its share of troubles when it comes to moderating violent, disturbing, and offensive imagery. According to Twitch, GIFs are “limited to a PG rating and below, meaning content with violence, sexual references, and lewd terms are all prohibited amongst other things.” The company also says it removes content that is “overtly offensive to any race, gender, ethnicity, or community.”