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This dock turns a Surface Pro into a miniature Surface Studio

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Kensington has created a new Surface Pro dock that turns Microsoft’s tablet into a miniature Surface Studio. The dock uses an articulating hinge to prop the Surface Pro up alongside external monitors, and it can be raised just like a real Surface Studio to different angles. Kensington is using Microsoft’s Surface Connector to allow the tablet to simply slot into the dock and power accessories and monitors from the single port.

The dock itself includes four USB ports, an ethernet port, USB-C, HDMI, and a DisplayPort. You can use the dock to power two 4K external monitors, and it looks like a far more elegant version of Microsoft’s own official Surface Dock that still doesn’t support USB-C connections. Kensington is announcing its special dock at Microsoft’s Inspire partner conference in Las Vegas this week, and it’s planning to make the dock available priced at $299.