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Instagram adds AIM-like status indicators to show when your friends are online to DM

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The green ‘online’ dot comes to Instagram

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Instagram is adding a new feature that’s ripped right out of AOL Instant Messenger — a helpful green dot next to your friend’s profile pictures that lets you know that they’re online to message.

The new status indicator dot will show up in a few places in the app, including your Instagram Direct inbox and the share menu. Status indicators will only show up for friends who already follow you or for people who you’ve talked to before in Instagram Direct messages, and you’ll be able to both hide your status from others and turn off the feature completely if you want.

The new status dot should be available now on Instagram, although there’s no word yet on whether or not Instagram will be adding ‘90s-era away messages, too.