Where is Microsoft’s version of the Switch?


Many years ago I remembered asking the question why Microsoft never made a mobile handheld XBox gaming device to compete with Sony and Nintendo at the time (XBox Go). I didn’t quite get how the creator of the XBox and all its successes never really competed in the mobile gaming space as well. Well commenters shot me down as they explained how it was just a waste to get into mobile. I guess they were looking at Sony’s lukewarm Vita at the time.

Fast forward years later and the Switch is selling like hotcakes to all types of demographics. To kids as well as adults in the family. And not just to longtime Nintendo fans who grew up on DS but people who are not even gamers (me).

Why did I post this in the Mobile category instead of the Gaming category? Because the only area in mobile I could see Microsoft having any entry and success in is through gaming. They failed at phones, failed at tablets and I’m affraid it will be the same outcome with this new dual screen device they’re rumored to release. All products that tried to compete with iOS and Android and their app platform, and dev advantage. Why not instead release a product that leverage Your advantage in games and with XBox game developers? Go after your current XBox users instead of Apple and Android users that keeps rejecting your products. Never really understood that.