Two words that suck. "Productivity" & "Pro"


These are borderline meaningless at this point. They should have pretty solid meanings, but they're really used in stupid, coded ways.

"Productivity" seems to mean MS Office Suite. And sometimes, even more specifically, Excel. - This is dumb. Productivity is different things to different people. It's how people are productive and accomplish their day to day work. People have different workflows, but somehow when this word pops up, people act like productivity can only exists if you have multiple spreadsheets open.

"Pro" is even more bizarre. It should just mean "professional" which encompasses a whole lot of professions, but somehow, if a company hasn't managed to cram a render farm into a tiny, 3lb laptop it's "not for pros".

What's up with these insanely myopic definitions for these two words? Why are there so many "pros" who expect laptops to perform like high end desktops? And why is "productivity" limited to a few apps, is no one else productive?