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White House’s tariffs could raise prices on Apple, Sonos, Fitbit products

The tariffs could raise prices by 10 percent

Apple watch stock

Consumer technology devices like phones and laptops have dodged the White House’s imposed tariffs so far, but the latest proposed round has the potential to hike up the costs of goods from familiar brands like Apple, Fitbit, and Sonos.

According to Reuters, the latest set including $200 billion worth of Chinese imports would classify products like the original Apple Watch, Fitbit Charge, and Sonos speakers as “data transmission machines,” and therefore include them on the list. The tariffs are working through a public comment period right now. If the devices remain listed, prices on these products could raise by 10 percent.

There is time for this to change before the tariffs take effect. To bypass the tariffs, the products need to fall back outside the specific codes on the list, as the codes are the result of conversations between regulative bodies and the companies. The rollout for the tariffs is planned to take place in September, so if companies want to argue for different codes, they have some time.