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Cargo is teaming up with Uber to satiate your mid-trip munchies

Cargo is teaming up with Uber to satiate your mid-trip munchies


The snack-sharer recently raised $7.3 million in venture capital funding

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Photo: Forbes

Cargo, the company that sought to make ride-share vehicles a bit more like drive-by convenience stores replete with snacks and tech accessories for sale, has announced that it’s officially joining forces with Uber.

Cargo, which first launched in 2017, gives ride-share drivers boxes filled with free samples and purchasable snacks, along with tech gear like spare phone chargers and headphones. Drivers are promised that they can keep 25 percent of the sales, and $1 per item — even if the rider is just grabbing a free sample.

Right now, riders pay for these items through Cargo’s app, but Uber might bake these features into its own service, according to some reports.

Since the partnership was announced, active Uber drivers in San Fransisco and Los Angeles can pick up Cargo boxes at their local Uber driver support stations, provided they have a 4.7 rating or above. These services will still be available to other ride-hailing companies outside of the partnership as well. The only difference, according to the company, is that these drivers will have their Cargo boxes shipped to them directly, rather than be available for pickup at any central hub.