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Verizon is reportedly in talks with Apple and Google to stream live TV over its 5G network

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Apple TV
Apple TV

Verizon wants to partner with Apple or Google to stream live TV to homes over its upcoming 5G network, according to a report from Bloomberg. The company is reportedly in talks with both companies, but a partnership isn’t guaranteed to come out of those negotiations.

By enlisting the help of a service like Apple TV or YouTube TV, Verizon could potentially deliver those services at 5G speeds to offer customers more tempting content packages than those presented by traditional cable companies like Comcast and AT&T. Otherwise, Comcast and AT&T, which are also either investing in 5G infrastructure or testing out the technology, could threaten Verizon with their superior television shows and eventual 5G speeds.

While none of the companies openly commented on the reported talks, Verizon did announce plans today to launch a 5G network in Houston starting this year, citing the support of local officials. Verizon already announced plans to bring 5G technology to Sacramento and Los Angeles earlier. Officials say the investment will help position Houston as a leader in an upcoming technology revolution.