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Google search will now recommend events based on your interests

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Google events search Image: Google

Google has updated the way you discover events in Search, adding new features that both personalize results and provide more key information about events right in search results.

Now when you search for an event and tap on it, an overview will be presented that shows details like ticket cost, venue reviews, time, and location. You can save events to revisit later, or click through to buy tickets via various vendors like StubHub and Ticketmaster.

The new update covers all types of events, like concerts, local festivals, cooking classes, and museum happenings. Search with terms like “events near me” or “free concert” and a list will be returned that aggregates from a variety of different sites.

Google events Search Image: Google

There’s also a “For You” tab that should deliver events based upon your personal interests, with categories like running, cooking, and photography. Google has provided the tools for organizers to mark up their event listings, so you should see big happenings, but also smaller meetups happening in your neighborhood, like a local dancing class.

Google says its new events Search will roll out over the next few days for those in the US.

Google events Search Image: Google