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BoJack Horseman comes to Comedy Central this fall

BoJack Horseman comes to Comedy Central this fall


Starting on September 26th

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bojack horseman season 2
Image: Netflix

Earlier this year, BoJack Horseman’s distributor Debmar-Mercury and its production company Tornante Company indicated that they were shopping the show to cable networks. The animated comedy has now found a home on Comedy Central, which will begin airing the show on September 26th.

Set in a world that includes anthropomorphic animals living alongside humans, BoJack Horseman is one of Netflix’s most critically acclaimed shows. Comedy Central has acquired the rights to air the entire show, including the upcoming fifth season, which will be available on Netflix on September 14th.

That might seem a bit counter-intuitive, given that Netflix subscribers can already binge-watch the entire show right now. But it’s worth remembering that while Netflix is enormous — 188 million users worldwide — allowing the show to jump to a traditional network will introduce it to new fans, and could even serve as a way to hook new subscribers.