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Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps from the Play Store

Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps from the Play Store


As part of a sweeping update to its developer policies

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Google has updated its Play Store developer policies to ban several more categories of apps, including cryptocurrency mining ones and apps with disruptive ads, as reported by Android Police.

When it comes to cryptocurrency apps, Google says mining apps are now prohibited, but apps that “remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency” are still permitted. Apple recently banned apps that mine cryptocurrency, stating that, “the only cryptocurrency mining apps allowed are those that mine outside of the device, like cloud-based mining.”

Repetitive apps are now prohibited in the Google Play store. These are apps that mimic or provide the same experience as apps that already exist on the platform. Apps can be removed if they copy content from another app without adding anything new or unique, or if a developer makes multiple apps that have similar content and user experiences. Additionally, “apps that are created by an automated tool, wizard service, or based on templates and submitted to Google Play by the operator of that service on behalf of other persons are not allowed,” the company explains.

Apps that “remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency” are still permitted

Next, there are new restrictions on apps that deal with firearms and firearms accessories. Apps that “facilitate the sale of explosives, firearms, ammunition, or certain firearms accessories” are now banned, in similar fashion to how YouTube expanded restrictions dealing with these subjects earlier in the year.

The Google Play store defines restricted firearms accessories as items that enable a firearm to “simulate automatic fire or convert a firearm to automatic fire (e.g. bump stocks, gatling triggers, drop-in auto sears, conversion kits), and magazines or belts carrying more than 30 rounds.” Apps that provide instructions on manufacturing explosives, firearms, ammunition, and other weapons are also banned.

Also included in the new restrictions are apps that “appeal to children but contain adult themes,” apps that impersonate people or organizations or conceal their primary purpose, and apps that force users to click ads or submit personal information for ads before full use of the app is granted.