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Telegram Passport lets users log into services that need real-world IDs

Telegram Passport lets users log into services that need real-world IDs


Sign up for services that need things like your passport or driver’s license with a single tap

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Telegram is introducing a new feature called Passport, a single sign-on option for services that need actual real-world IDs or documents. Passport will let users store their files and data in Telegram’s cloud and pass it directly on to services that need that information (via Neowin).

The company envisions users using Telegram Passport logins for signing up for things like financial services or ICOs, which tend to need real-world ID cards, passports, or other documentation. With Passport, you’ll be able to upload your documents and personal information, which users will be able to pass along to supported services with a single tap.

Security is a big concern here

Obviously security is a big concern here, given that any document that you’d be using to legally prove your ID is probably the sort of thing you’d like to keep safe, but Telegram says that any data uploaded are stored in its cloud with end-to-end encryption. Additionally, all of your data is encrypted with a password, with Telegram claiming it has no way to access the data on its end — only you and the companies you choose to share it with will be able to see your documents and information.

Of course, for Passport to be useful, it’ll need companies to actually support it, and right now there’s only one:, an online payments system (although Telegram has also set up a test page if you’d like to see how it works for yourself.) Telegram is offering Passport to developers free of charge, with additional details on how to integrate it available over at its developer site.