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Destiny’s excellent lore is being collected into a physical anthology book series

Destiny’s excellent lore is being collected into a physical anthology book series


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Image: Bungie

Between all the discussions of whether Bungie’s Destiny 2 can reclaim the glory of the original or how the game developer is trying to course correct with its upcoming Forsaken expansion, it’s easy to forget that the Halo creator’s sci-fi series has some excellent world-building.

Now, I’m not talking about Bungie’s silly penchant for generic proper nouns like The Guardians and The Darkness. I mean the subtle, background information hidden away for players to unearth and talk about online — like the Rasputin protocols that dictate how the exceedingly fascinating superintelligent AI designed its own subroutines to protect humanity, or the reality-altering “paracasual” powers of the Vex race that let it rewrite time.

There’s a lot of really cool stuff in the universe of Destiny — beyond the superpowers and aliens, it’s surprisingly one of the most forward-looking and novel sci-fi worlds out there — and it was all originally hidden away in an online compendium known as the Grimoire. (Destiny 2 did a better job of surfacing its world in missions and cutscenes.)

Now, Bungie is prepping to bring that world, including, it seems, lore from the first game and its current sequel, into physical form with an anthology book series. Here’s how the game developer describes it:

Until now, the myths, mysteries, and machinations of the Destiny universe were found hidden throughout the worlds – enticing threads that hinted at a greater tapestry. The Destiny Grimoire Anthology weaves tales from multiple sources together for the first time, casting new light on Destiny’s most legendary heroes, infamous villains, and their greatest moments of triumph and tragedy.

The first installment in the series is called Dark Mirror, and it collects 128 pages of Destiny lore in a hardcover volume with new illustrations.

Image: Bungie

Bungie says the “complete anthology will confirm and challenge players’ thoughts and assumptions on what it means to be a Guardian, offering new and differing perspectives on the cosmic war that rages between the Traveler and its ancient enemies.”

We don’t know how many volumes there will be, but this first one looks like a must-buy for Destiny lore lovers. It costs $25 and preorders are open now, with a ship date of fall 2018, presumably alongside the Forsaken expansion’s launch in September, or perhaps slightly after.