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A new teaser for Netflix’s Iron Fist teases an iconic costume

A new teaser for Netflix’s Iron Fist teases an iconic costume


The season debuts in September

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At San Diego Comic-Con last week, Marvel announced that the second season of Iron Fist will begin streaming on Netflix on September 7th. Netflix released a new teaser for the season today, hinting that we’ll get to see a bit more of Danny Rand’s past — and the classic costume his character is known for.

The teaser shows off Rand (Finn Jones) walking down a street in New York City with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), which dredges up old memories of his time at K’un-L’un: a brutal fight. When Wing if everything’s okay, he replies that he just had a bad memory, to which she says that it’s in the past. “I hope so,” he tells her.

The scene hints that Rand’s past will come back to haunt him in this upcoming season, and does something else: it shows Rand wearing a bit of the character’s classic costume — a yellow mask. While characters like Daredevil and The Punisher have been dressed up in the costumes that they’re best known for — often with a more realistic reinterpretation, Iron Fist went without it in the first season of the show. Jones had said that we’ll likely see more of the costume in this upcoming season, noting that its absence was because Rand was still trying to find his footing as a character, and it’s a nice nod to the original source material.