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Ecobee’s Peak Relief mode will adjust your thermostat to help save money during the priciest hours

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It will ramp down electricity use when it’s most expensive

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Image: Eccobee

Ecobee is launching a “Peak Relief” pilot program for its smart thermostats that will automatically cut down on heating and air conditioning during the day’s peak hours to help curb the cost of temperature control.

The company says that this program will be customized specifically for each individual’s home by taking electricity rates, comfort preferences, the local weather forecast, and the home’s energy efficiency into account. Peak Relief bundles this data and ramps up either heat or AC just before those peak times to regulate temperature inside your home. Ecobee says the goal is to help find ways to keep users comfortable while reducing their community’s energy usage and electricity bills. The company claims the feature can save customers an additional 10 percent on their heating or cooling bills.

The Peak Relief pilot rolled out today in select markets in California, Ontario, and Arizona. However, it looks to be a pretty limited rollout overall since the program is only available to users with electric heating and cooling systems and time-of-use utility rates. Interested users can sign up to learn when it’ll be available for them.