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Watch a mouthy Venom call someone a turd in the latest trailer

Watch a mouthy Venom call someone a turd in the latest trailer

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Sony has released a fresh trailer for its upcoming Venom movie, a cautionary tale about what happens when you fail to treat your parasites. Venom stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, the anti-hero to Riz Ahmed’s Dr. Carlton Drake, a sort of mad genius-slash-corporate villain trying to cheat nature and achieve self-guided human evolution via biological upgrades rather than technological ones.

This trailer is packed with footage of the curious relationship between Eddie and his new symbiote pal, a sort of slimy parasite that gives him superpowers — provided he succumb to the whims of the bloodthirsty, anarchic thing inside him. While Eddie seems at first reluctant to go around smashing things and threatening to bite people’s limbs off, the two eventually strike up a chummy relationship, as demonstrated when they stop / eat a robber at Brock’s local bodega. “We are Venom,” they declare in what has already become the film’s catchphrase, Brock’s face now partially revealed inside the monster like some sort of Phantom of the Opera from hell. Teamwork!

Venom arrives October 5th.