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Apple Pay is coming to CVS and 7-Eleven later this year

Apple Pay is coming to CVS and 7-Eleven later this year


Launching in Germany later this year as well

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Apple Pay will be supported in CVS pharmacies and 7-Eleven stores nationwide, CEO Tim Cook announced on a call with investors this afternoon following the company’s positive third quarter earnings results.

In addition to adding CVS and 7-Eleven as retail partners, Cook says Apple Pay handled more total transactions last quarter — more than 1 billion — than competitor Square and more mobile transactions than PayPal. The platform will also be launching in Germany later this year, Cook added.

Apple Pay has had a steady rollout since its launch in October 2014, and it now supports most major credit cards and US banks. It’s also available in more than two dozen countries and regions and supports around 4,900 banks globally. Despite impressive growth, Apple’s mobile payments platform still lacks certain key brands, although it started with partners like McDonald’s and Walgreens and has since spread rapidly.

So adding CVS and 7-Eleven is another big win for Apple Pay, further solidifying its availability at major retail chains and pharmacies and making it an option for casual and spontaneous purchases. Both chains are expected to support the company’s mobile payments system later this fall.