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Netflix is testing a new, pricier ‘Ultra’ subscription tier

Netflix is testing a new, pricier ‘Ultra’ subscription tier


Would you pay $17 per month for Netflix in 4K and HDR?

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales

Netflix is reportedly testing out a new “Ultra” subscription tier that would up the monthly price even higher than the company’s current $13.99 “Premium” option, according to a report from TuttoAndroid, which first spotted the new plan (via CNET.)

According to TuttoAndroid, the new plan would cost €16.99 (and presumably, $16.99 in the US, based on how Netflix does its existing pricing) and offer up to four simultaneous 4K streams at once time, which eagle-eyed Netflix users will note is already offered on the cheaper, Premium plan.

Based on TuttoAndroid’s report, it seems that Netflix is testing multiple versions of its plan lineup that could see the Ultra tier get HDR video to make it stand out from Premium (which would then lose the feature), or see the Premium tier drop from four concurrent streams to just two. has also spotted the new plan in testing in Germany, with both €16.99 and €19.99 price tags, indicating that Netflix is tinkering with pricing for the new plan, too.

Netflix has confirmed to CNET that the Ultra price tier testing is real. A company spokesperson said that “In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix.” Additionally, a Netflix representative emphasized that “Not everyone will see this test and we may not ever offer the specific price points or features included in this test. So if the Ultra plan does make it to the light of day, it’s possible it won’t look like it does now.

Still, if you’re committed to getting the absolute most out of your Netflix subscription, you might want to prepare to start paying a bit more for it in the near future.

Update July 4th, 1:35pm: Added additional statement from Netflix.

Update July 4th, 11:05am: Added additional details regarding price and German testing.