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HQ rewards you for still playing the game with extra lives for participating daily

You can stop inviting me to play now, ok?

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Image: HQ

This week HQ Trivia rolled out a new feature that rewards players for playing multiple games in a row. It’s called “Streaks,” and it’ll be pretty familiar to anyone who has played a mobile game in recent years.

Streaks is pretty simple. You play multiple games in a row, you get extra lives. Similar to opening up Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and getting a few bells or furniture items just for continuing to play the game. It’s a clear strategy for player retention as it incentivizes players to open up the app and partake at least once a day.

To see if the update’s rolled out to your device, click on the “Get More” button in the app. If you’re eligible for a free life streak, you’ll see how many days in a row you need to keep playing for the reward. It’s unclear how often you have to play HQ to receive a streak reward — 9to5Mac’s screenshot appears to show a reward for a three-day streak, while my app says I need to play for five days in a row to receive an extra life.

Streaks is a welcome addition to the trivia game especially when you could use that extra life once you’ve finally made it to the elusive Question 12. HQ has been out for nearly a year now, and you’ve probably already exhausted all of your friends to invite to the game for extra lives. Plus, Streaks is a lot less annoying than stroking your phone screen repeatedly for eight seconds for one measly life. Ugh.