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Watch 20 minutes of BioWare’s Anthem in action

Watch 20 minutes of BioWare’s Anthem in action


Jetpacks and space bugs

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At E3 last month, attendees were able to get their first real hands-on time with Anthem, the new sci-fi action game from Mass Effect studio BioWare. For those who weren’t in attendance, the developer has just released a lengthy, 20-minute-long video showcasing just what was in the demo. You can get a good look at how the co-operative missions work, as well as a glimpse at the slick jetpack-fuelled action. There are also a lot of space bugs.

The one thing the video doesn’t show, though — and it’s something that remains somewhat of a mystery — is how that action will tie into the story aspect of the game. According to BioWare, the co-op missions and the more straightforward narrative will be largely separate, offering two very different experiences that work together to form a feedback loop.

“It’s kind of a loop that you’re in, where every time you come back to base, you take your suit off and you walk around town, you see all of your favorite people and move the storyline along,” BioWare general manager Casey Hudson told The Verge at E3. “And then you suit up, jump off the cliff, and go have an adventure. That loop is integral to the game. It bonds those things together.”

Anthem is launching on February 22nd on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.