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Twitterific loses push notifications and live-updated tweets ahead of Twitter’s third-party API purge

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Third-party Twitter apps will never be the same

We’ve known for a few months that Twitter is going to further limit third-party apps starting on August 16th when it rolls out some major API changes. But now we’re starting to see the effects of those upcoming changes, starting with the popular third-party Twitter app Twitterific, which announced an update today preparing for the removal of two major features: push notifications and live-updating tweets (via 9to5Mac).

Now, neither of those features is technically going anywhere yet. But with today’s update, Twitterific is preparing for the eventual loss of the API that enabled them, by removing the ability to purchase push notifications in-app and adding a new automatic refresh function that should help mimic — if not completely replace — the soon to be defunct live updating option.

If you had already purchased the push notification feature, they’ll continue to work until August 16th, when Twitter shuts down the old API, at which point Twitterific’s developers are recommending users turn to the official Twitter app (which sort of seems like what Twitter might have been hoping to accomplish here).

On the one hand, it’s nice to see that the Twitterific team is trying their best to maintain as much functionality as possible in the face of changes beyond their control. But it’s still hard not to take the news with a certain sense of disappointment, as Twitter seems determined to ruin the only decent ways of actually interacting with its platform.