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The Vivo Nex and its pop-up selfie camera are going on sale in India and elsewhere

Launching in India, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan this month

vivo nex s Photo by Sam Byford / The Verge

China is producing some fantastic phones at the moment, but they don’t often go on sale outside the country’s borders. Case in point is the Vivo Nex, which launched last month with ultra-slim bezels, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and an eye-catching pop-up selfie camera. Well, it’s finally going to hit a few markets outside of China, with Vivo announcing that it’ll be on sale in India, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan later this month.

When exactly? Vivo doesn’t say. And for how much? Again, no answer. But this is a flagship device, so customers shouldn’t expect anything too cheap.

The obvious question is will the Vivo Nex ever go on sale in North America or Western Europe? There’s no hint of that from Vivo, and it seems unlikely given that Vivo’s X21, a slightly cheaper handset that’s been out since March, has only been launched in the same countries as the Nex. If you really wanted a Nex you could import one of course, but you’ll get no official support from carriers or Vivo, and will need to check network compatibility. It might be worth it for that selfie camera though.