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Microsoft teases new Surface unveiling for tomorrow

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All signs point towards a cheaper and smaller Surface

Microsoft appears to be teasing a new Surface device announcement for tomorrow. “Where will Surface go next?” asks the official Twitter account for Surface, with a cryptic image attached. The image shows the current Surface lineup with a date of July 10th displayed on each screen, alongside a time of 6AM. Microsoft has previously used this image before, but the displays never included dates or times.

Microsoft is rumored to be launching new $400 Surface tablets to better compete with Apple’s iPad and more importantly Google’s range of Chromebooks. A mystery Surface device passed through the FCC recently, and reports have suggested the new Surface tablets will have 10-inch displays and run on Intel’s Pentium chips. One rumor suggests the new tablets could even be labelled “Surface Go,” and another claims the new Surface model will be displayed in Microsoft Stores on Friday. Microsoft’s teaser and the FCC filing suggest that we’re likely to hear a lot more about a new Surface device as early as tomorrow.