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You can now control Dish’s Hopper DVRs with Google Assistant

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‘OK Google, record Game of Thrones.’

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The Google Assistant can now control Dish Network’s Hopper DVR devices. The feature will allow users to use the “OK Google” command to turn to a specific TV show or channel, rewind or pause a video, or record a particular programming.

The devices will work on a broadband internet connection with Hopper Duo, Wally single-tuner HD, and all generations of Hopper DVR or its Joey client. Spanish language support is planned in the future, but Dish has not released a specific timeline. No word on integration with Dish’s Sling service for subscribers who stream without the set-top box.

Today’s announcement is useful if you predominantly use the Google Assistant over Amazon Alexa, which offered support for Hopper DVR boxes back in May. Meanwhile, Roku — which has a larger market share than Google Chromecast as of August 2017 — is reportedly working on a voice assistant of its own, which may bring yet another competitor to the digital entertainment assistant space.