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Nerds, rejoice: Jeopardy! is finally bingeable on Hulu

Nerds, rejoice: Jeopardy! is finally bingeable on Hulu


Praise the trivia gods

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If you’re a trivia weirdo, or just an insufferable know-it-all like me, at some point over the last few years you have wondered why past seasons of Jeopardy! are not available to binge. The show has aired every weeknight for decades, the current iteration having made its original debut in 1984; just think of how much trivia that is! Ostensibly that answer has had something to do with keeping the game interesting: if your contestants have had access to literally every category and answer you’ve ever come up with, their preparation suddenly has a definitive pattern (as opposed to just reading a bunch of stuff and hoping for the best, the way Didi Pickles did it). They’re less likely to fall flat on their faces, or give us those long, uncomfortable pauses when nobody knows the answer — boring! But it seems CBS and Sony Pictures have had a change of heart, because today it was announced that Jeopardy! has finally come to Hulu.

The offering isn’t every episode; according to a Hulu press release, the platform has gone full Spotify, “curating collections of some of Jeopardy!’s flagship special events, including a Tournament of Champions, a College Championship, and a Kids Week, as well as Battle of the Decades,” the five-week 30th-anniversary tournament held in 2014 that included folks like Ken Jennings. It also said new episodes would be added regularly, “making it possible for viewers to continuously test their knowledge.” Oh, Hulu, my nerdy heart! It’s like they knew!

If you need me for the next 72 hours, you know where to find me: staring zombie-like at my TV, sporadically screaming answers in the form of a question, fast-forwarding through most of the excruciating agony that is the mid-game contestant interviews — but watching a few to see if Alex Trebek savagely shades a poor unsuspecting accountant. Bring snacks.