I'm trying to get off the new phone hype and upgrade merry-go-round - help me!


For the last eight years I've bought a new phone (at least) every year. I've bought Samsungs, a OnePlus, Nexi and the 1st gen Pixel, and the 1st gen Pixel XL, which is my current phone (I bought it last October when the Pixel 2XL came out at a nice discount). When I bought the Pixel XL I swore to myself that I would use it for two years just to see what it was like to stick with a phone well beyond the new phone cycle.

The problem, of course, is that as the next generation of phones come out it's almost impossible to avoid the temptation to upgrade. Bigger displays, faster processors, et al are tempting, and a steady stream of tech news and reviews doesn't help the situation. I've had a OnePlus six in the shopping cart and only pulled out at the last minute.

It's not a $ thing - I can afford to buy a new phone - it's just that objectively, I absolutely don't need a new phone. The Pixel XL does everything I need it to just fine. Sure, it slows down a bit from time to time, and the design looks a bit dated, but does any of that really matter when I'm responding to a text, watching YouTube, or browsing The Verge? Nope.

Getting the Pie update (I took a Beta and now have Stable) helped, both in terms of performance and in terms of feeling like the UI was fresh, but I'm really feeling the burn - especially for the OP6.

Help me out - I'd love to hear from others who have consciously chosen to get out of the insanity of always having to have the latest and greatest - how do you avoid the temptation to impulse purchase a new phone? Do you feel you've been disadvantaged in any way that really matters?