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Trulia Neighborhoods lets you see crowdsourced local reviews of an area before you move in

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It can be overwhelming to get a sense of what a neighborhood is like before moving there just by consulting multiple websites to piece together general information. To help, real estate website Trulia is launching Neighborhoods as a guide for buyers and renters. The tool features crowdsourced local reviews and photos to offer a better sense of a particular area, down to parent reviews of schools, insights on commute, and local safety. Users can also read up on other intangible factors like vibe, noise levels, and local insights that are harder to research through Google.

Neighborhoods builds upon Trulia’s What Locals Say feature that launched earlier this year. Users can read resident insights like how much street parking is available, and whether a park is dog-friendly. So far, more than 15 million locals have submitted reviews and feedback. The feature also builds on Trulia’s Local Legal Protections tool, which lets homebuyers know if their new home is in an area that has laws to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Inside the Neighborhood” stories show area history, amenities, and local reviews.

Neighborhoods also has an “Inside the Neighborhood” feature, which uses the now ubiquitous stories format to display photos and information about parts of a city.

Trulia Neighborhoods is available nationally, and currently offers original photography and drone footage for 300 neighborhoods including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Austin, and Chicago. Trulia plans to add photos for 1,100 more neighborhoods throughout the end of this year.