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Google Voice updated with new icon, contacts tab, and improved do not disturb

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Google is starting to pay attention to Google Voice again after making the calling service part of its business-focused product suite earlier this summer. So far, that hasn’t meant much. But yesterday, the app received an update on iOS that brought with it a new icon, a small reorganization, and a helpful new do not disturb feature.

The first two changes are minor but nice. The old icon hadn’t been updated in a while and looked a little stiff and robotic, whereas the new one is basically a twist on the Hangouts icon. And while, inside, the app hasn’t changed much, Google has added a contacts tab to the bottom, which makes a lot of sense for an app you use to call and message people.

Left: new icon. Right: old icon.

Then there’s the update to do not disturb, which comes as part of Google Voice’s integration with G Suite. Now, if you’ve set up your working hours in Google Calendar, you’ll be able to set G Suite to automatically activate do not disturb during the hours you’re not at work. Google Voice already has several options for ignoring calls, including having calls go straight to voicemail, but you have to go into the app’s settings and activate or deactivate it every time you want to make a change.

The update is only available on iOS right now. 9to5Google spotted that some people are starting to see the update on Android, but it isn’t widely available just yet.