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Good news, Thor’s roommate survived Avengers: Infinity War

Good news, Thor’s roommate survived Avengers: Infinity War


Bad news: now he has to work on Sundays

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Judging from a recent post on social media, fandom’s favorite average, everyday Marvel Cinematic Universe character is still alive after the population-halving Thanos snap in Avengers: Infinity War. Everyone who had him on their concern list can officially stop worrying.

While Thor’s roommate Darryl isn’t featured in the actual movies, he became a Marvel fan-favorite, thanks to a series of hilarious shorts that explained what Thor was up to during Captain America: Civil War and leading up to Thor: Ragnarok. As these videos told it, the thunder god just took it easy and tried to live a normal life, including living in a small Australian apartment with a somewhat twitchy flatmate. Granted, he wasn’t actually good at assimilating into mundane life, so there are plenty of hijinks, including an attempt to pay rent with Asgardian artifacts that are apparently worth a “gazillion” dollars.

Yesterday, the storyline continued on Twitter, with Darryl revealing that he’s still around after the events of Infinity War, though most of his co-workers are not. That means the entire universe-shaking cosmic battle of Infinity War has come down to one schlub who’s annoyed because he now has to work on Sundays. Still, he’s hoping to get some of that rent money Thor owes him. C’mon, Thor. The guy made you a birthday song and everything.

Then again, can you blame Thor for ghosting Darryl when he won’t even get them a servant? Rude.