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Spotify now displays songwriter and producer credits for iOS users

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Fans ‘love to know who wrote and produced their favorite songs,’ according to the company

Spotify first added the option to check out a track’s songwriter and producer credits back in February — and now, the feature is being rolled out onto iOS.

On the desktop application, where the feature was first available, listeners could right-click a track and hit “Show Credits” from the menu to read up on a song’s performers, songwriters, and producers. Now, as spotted by Music Business Worldwide, those listening on the go can access these same credits by hitting the ellipses button that appears next to each song, and clicking on “Song Credits” at the end of the list.

Right now, these details aren’t available for every song — the option will only be available if this information has been provided by the record labels. But in the near future, these missing credits might be coming directly from publishers, songwriters, and societies, according to an Instagram post by Alfons Karabuda, the chairman of the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance. He added that there are more plans on the way for people to correct any details on the platform as needed, or wedge in additional details.