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Is MoviePass incompetent or unethical?


Here's the story, MoviePass customers are having issues https://www.digitaltrends.com/movies/moviepass-renewing-past-subscribers/

Some previous subscribers to monthly movie ticket service MoviePass are reportedly getting a rude awakening after receiving an email letting them know that they have been automatically opted back into the service as part of new plan changes, and then finding themselves unable to cancel again

This is just the most recent issue people have had with them, as in the past, customers have never received their card.

is this just merely incompetence? Or is it unethical behavior coming from the parent company which has shady history? I wanted to pull the trigger on MoviePass until I had coworkers tell me that some of them never received their card, with the longest waiting on it for over 3 months. For me, that put me squarely on the sidelines. Those stories, coupled with an unsustainable business model have kept me skeptical of the company.

So is it incompetence or unethical? Vote in the poll below.

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