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Windows 10 users can now try Microsoft’s Your Phone app to mirror phone content to a PC

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Available for all Windows 10 users with Android devices

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Microsoft started testing its Your Phone app with Windows 10 Insiders last month, and now the company is making it available to all Windows 10 users. If you’re running Windows 10 with the latest April 2018 Update, Your Phone is available to install from the Microsoft Store. The app mirrors phone content to a PC, but currently only supports Android devices and the ability to drag and drop photos from a phone to a PC.

Microsoft is also planning to add support for text message sync and notifications from Android phones to mirror to a PC at some point in the future. Microsoft had been testing Your Phone as part of the company’s upcoming Redstone 5 update for Windows 10, but it now appears it will be made broadly available without the requirement for a future update.

Microsoft has also promised to support iPhones with its new app, but the company’s blog post last month only mentioned a website continue on PC feature and not the ability to sync messages, photos, and notifications from iPhones to PCs. If you’re interested in trying the Your Phone app with an Android device, you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

Update, August 16th 12:30PM ET: Microsoft has removed support for existing versions of Windows 10, and Your Phone is once again limited to Windows Insiders.