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Diablo III is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this fall

Diablo III is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this fall


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Diablo III is coming to the Switch, according to a since-deleted post from Forbes that was spotted by Reddit user Riomegon that has since been confirmed by an official Blizzard announcement.

The Switch port of the game will be released as the Diablo III: Eternal Collection, a $59.99 bundle that will include both the Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansions, along with the other content and updates that Blizzard has released over the years. There are also some Nintendo exclusive in-game items: a Ganondorf-styled cosmetic armor set, a Tri-Force portrait frame, a Cucco pet, and more.

The first Blizzard game on a Nintendo console in 15 years

Diablo III has been rumored to be coming to Nintendo’s latest console since February, when Blizzard first posted a short clip on Twitter of a Diablo nightlight getting switched off (get it?). Many took it as evidence that the company was working on a port. It’s a big deal, not just because of Diablo III’s enduring popularity, even years after its release on PC in 2012, but because, as noted by Polygon, it would mark the first time that Blizzard has released a game on a Nintendo console in over 15 years.

Blizzard is offering plenty of options for players to enjoy Diablo III’s dungeon crawling, with support for four players to play in local co-op on a single Switch, the ability to link up to four separate Switch consoles locally to play together, and support for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service to play online.

Diablo III for the Switch will be out this fall, although Blizzard hasn’t announced the exact release date yet.

Update August 16th, 12:15pm: Updated post with details from Blizzard’s official announcement of Diablo III: Eternal Collection