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Dark mode comes to the latest version of Android Messages

Dark mode comes to the latest version of Android Messages

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The next version of Android Messages brings an updated look, and more importantly, the ability to change to dark mode. The interface is a little bit cleaner and strips out some of the color and dull gray backgrounds in favor of a whole lot of white. There’s also now a toggle to ‘enable dark mode,’ which changes the background to black and darkens your text. The update is gradually rolling out now.

Besides the feature to enable dark mode, the biggest changes seem to be a new font, and a giant blue ‘Start chat’ button on the bottom right corner that’s replaced the old ‘+’ sign. Additionally, messages default your chat bubble to blue no matter what mode you’re in, which may be Google’s response to iMessage and the dreaded ‘green bubble’ stigma. Unfortunately, making this change seems to get rid of the option to customize conversation bubble colors, or change your Contacts’ color.

Natt Garun / The Verge

Google has been unifying its apps to fit the updated Material Design scheme, which we got a preview of earlier this year. Android apps have been getting subtle, more modern makeovers, and Messages is no exception.