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HBO has picked up its Watchmen show for a full season

HBO has picked up its Watchmen show for a full season


The series will premiere sometime in 2019

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Image: DC Comics

HBO’s adaptation of the classic graphic novel Watchmen is officially coming to small screens. After ordering a pilot episode last year, the network has picked up the show for a full first season, which will debut in 2019.

Along with the announcement of the series pickup and roughly when we’ll be able to expect the show, the network announced the cast for the series, which will include Regina King (Southland), Jeremy Irons (Justice League), Tim Blake Nelson (Wormwood), and more.

The network didn’t reveal just what the show will be about, saying only that it was “set in an alternate history where “superheroes” are treated as outlaws,” which will embrace “the nostalgia” for Alan Moore’s original graphic novel, and will “break new ground of its own.”

Just what that looks like remains to be seen: Moore proclaimed his story unfilmable, having specifically designed the comic to play to that medium’s strengths, although while Zach Snyder’s 2009 adaptation missed the mark in some ways, it was a somewhat take on the story and visuals. HBO’s description makes sense, given that series creator Damon Lindelof indicated that he wasn’t setting out to adapt Watchmen, but described his show more of a “remix” of the comic.