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Amazon appears to have discontinued the Kindle Voyage

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Amazon removed the device from its storefront at the end of July

At the end of July, Amazon quietly removed its Kindle Voyage from its storefront, and appears to have discontinued the line of eBook readers, according to TheEbookReader and GoodEReader.

Both sites report that Amazon removed the model (refurbished versions are still available), as well as from its comparison table, leaving only the basic Kindle, mid-range Kindle Paperwhite, and premium Kindle Oasis.

The Voyage was originally released in 2014 and featured some additional perks above the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite: it was thinner and lighter, a glass screen, haptic buttons to turn pages, and a “simple and utilitarian” design. But it came at a higher price: $200, and with the release of the $250 Kindle Oasis in 2016, the Voyage seems to have been overtaken for the premium slot in the Kindle family.