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Sonos redesigned the Nasdaq opening bell to mark IPO

Sonos redesigned the Nasdaq opening bell to mark IPO

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Today is a momentous day for US smart speaker company Sonos, which is marking is 16th year of existence with an IPO set to value it at around $1.5 billion. To give the occasion a little more flair and theatrics, Sonos has partnered with Nasdaq, the stock exchange where it will be listed as SONO, to redesign the sound of the opening bell.

Sonos’ sound experience lead Giles Martin and sound engineer Chris Jenkins collaborated with Nasdaq on the task of picking a new jingle to mark the opening and closing of the market. Remarkably, this is more than just a one-off publicity stunt. Sonos promises that “the new bell will continue to ring at Nasdaq, where countless more forward-thinking companies will launch their IPOs and where Nasdaq will set the pace for the markets each day.” The change appears to be one without a definite end.

The new Nasdaq bell is busier and more aggressively attention-seeking than its predecessor, and it ends with the sound of a spinning coin. Because money.