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Our new video series Future of Music launches this week

Our new video series Future of Music launches this week


The season premiere is August 23rd

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As a professional DJ, I’ve been obsessed with music and technology for as long as I can remember — performing at parties and festivals around the world, producing records, and even building my own synths. Music has always been a way for people to connect and communicate. It’s part of being human and a language we all share. But thanks to technology, the way we make music is changing faster than ever.

Music and technology have always evolved with each other to inspire waves of musicians and push innovation. And I’ll be exploring it all as host for our new video series Future of Music, with senior director Christian Mazza and supervising producer Sophie Erickson. In this new series, we’re taking you behind the scenes into startups, studios, and even musicians’ personal homes to show the most thrilling, exciting, and sometimes weird concepts being developed.

This season, join me, Dani Deahl, as I meet the people who are pushing the limits of how we create and experience music, and explore how technology is changing everything — from attending a concert in virtual reality to writing a pop song with artificial intelligence to making a giant instrument out of 44 Furbies. (Yes, really.) There are a lot of questions to be answered regarding tech and music converging. Perhaps the most important one is: what does it mean when technology advances to a place where it challenges our human sense of creativity? I’m going to find out.

The first episode of Future of Music will be available on Thursday, August 23rd. Turn up the volume.