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Weather app Dark Sky gets a major design update on iOS

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It will now notify you to wear more sunscreen when UV levels rise beyond a preset number

Image: Dark Sky

Weather app Dark Sky has been updated for iOS today with the same visual-focused upgrade that came to Android users several months ago. The update brings a few new features, most prominently the merging of forecasts into a single page that you can scroll through, which lists current weather conditions over the next hour, day, and week. There’s also a general interface overhaul that changes the app’s signature black-and-white weather icons into colorful sun and clouds.

The app, which has been on iOS since 2012 and Android since 2016, is known for providing up-to-the-minute and location-specific forecasts with smart design. It costs $3.99 to download. Although Dark Sky says in its blog post that the update is coming to Android today, the new version has actually been out for a couple of months already, and it’s only new to iOS.

Image: Dark Sky

There’s now a precipitation map for the next hour’s weather as well as a feature on the main timeline that lets you toggle between wind speed, UV levels, and more granular information you might need. (For example, today is a very cloudy day in New York, with an expected 97 percent cloud cover at midnight.) You can also save locations to check the weather in multiple cities.

Custom notifications let you highlight features that you care about more. For instance, if you’re most concerned about UV ray levels or the chance of rain, you can toggle settings for that. The options include “umbrella reminder,” “sunscreen reminder,” and more custom settings like the “feels-like temperature,” humidity, and snow accumulation.