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PUBG’s full Xbox One release is coming in two weeks

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The Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will leave the Game Preview program on September 4th, its developers have announced at Gamescom 2018, marking the battle royale game’s progression from early-access beta to official full product. The 1.0 update will bring the smaller Sanhok map with new weapons and dynamic weather changes, War Mode deathmatch, and in-game microtransactions for cosmetic items as well as the recently introduced Event Pass. There’ll be limited-edition Xbox-branded cosmetic DLC available for current and new players once the update goes live.

Of course, getting a 1.0 release doesn’t mean that PUBG development is done. The PC version left Steam Early Access back in December, but as a live, online-focused game, new features, weapons, and maps have been continually added since. Perhaps more notably, the development team recently admitted the extent of the game’s bugginess and instability by launching a high-profile “Fix PUBG” campaign. The Xbox version has been in even worse shape ever since it launched in Game Preview, so it’s safe to say that there’ll still be a lot of work to be done beyond September.

Microsoft is also announcing a PUBG limited edition Xbox One controller featuring “new and exclusive trigger grips” and a digital camo design. It’ll also come with matching PUBG DLC. The controller is available to pre-order now and will ship on October 30th for $69.99.