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American Vandal graduates from dick jokes to poop in season 2

American Vandal graduates from dick jokes to poop in season 2


‘Who is the Turd Burglar?’ is the new ‘Who did the dicks?’

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Mockumentary series American Vandal is turning into a shit show. The Emmy-nominated series returns this fall with its second season, which will focus on a mysterious new vandal known only as the “Turd Burglar,” after students at private Catholic high school St. Bernadine are poisoned in an incident known as “The Brown-Out.” The trailer features footage of the mass chaos — and mass defecation — the incident inspired, so consider this your warning.

The first season of Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault’s series followed a pair of ambitious high schoolers as they worked to uncover the real perpetrator of school vandalism — a series of cartoon dicks spray-painted on teachers’ cars — after one student was allegedly falsely accused. Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) return as the series’s lead investigators after a student from St. Bernadine reaches out to them for help tracking a new foe.

“Kevin McClain, a junior, has been expelled and awaits trial for the crimes,” the video description reads. “But is justice being served? Is the system rigged against the disenfranchised? And who is The Turd Burglar?”

Season 2 premieres on September 14th on Netflix.