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Overwatch’s new animated short is a glittering look at D.Va

Overwatch’s new animated short is a glittering look at D.Va


Plus, Blizzard reveals the game’s next map

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Blizzard has done it again: the latest in the developer’s growing lineup of excellent Overwatch animated shorts is an absolute blast.

The seven-minute clip, called “Shooting Star,” stars pro-gamer-turned-mech-pilot D.Va, and it delves into her backstory, revealing how she went from Korean e-sports star to Overwatch hero. Like the rest of the shorts — which include the backstories of everyone from Mei to Bastion — it’s an absolutely gorgeous, glittering, colorful film that’s surprisingly emotional and full of wonderful Easter eggs for fans. It’s enough to make you wish Blizzard would just go ahead and make a feature-length Overwatch movie already.

In addition to the short, Blizzard also revealed the latest map for the multiplayer shooter. Set in the Korean city Busan, it’s a control map that features three fairly distinct locations within it, including a downtown district and a mech factory. It’s available now for players on the Overwatch PTR test server, though it’s not clear when it will be available for all users.

It’s shaping up to be a busy time for the game. This week at Gamescom, Blizzard teased a handful of new collectibles for fans, including an incredibly detailed Doomfist statue and, perhaps most exciting, actual Overwatch-themed Lego sets. In the meantime, the Overwatch World Cup just completed its first round, with both Korea and Finland coming out ahead. Qualifying will continue over the next few months before the best eight teams in the world compete at BlizzCon in November.