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People are swarming the first official Fortnite mini theme park

People are swarming the first official Fortnite mini theme park


Where we droppin’ now, boys?

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Gamescom, a video game convention held in Germany, is underway this week, and one of the most popular attractions does not belong to a new or upcoming video game. Instead, huge crowds are forming around the booth for Fortnite, the battle royale game that is still captivating the world over a year after its release.

While some fans might be stopping by the official Fortnite booth to catch another round of game time, many are there to experience the Fortnite theme park that was constructed by developer Epic Games. The set is full of references to the game, but more importantly, much of it is interactive. You can go down a slide, shoot baskets, have pickaxe duels, ride a mechanical rocket, and even use a zipline glider. You can see all of this in action via IGN’s video walkthrough of the booth:

While the novelty alone would explain why so many people are descending on the Fortnite booth, it also helps that there’s exclusive swag such as T-shirts and pins available at the booth, and these items are often sold for good money online. Fans who complete the obstacle course can also win prizes such as exclusive in-game sprays, all of which is tracked by a special Gamescom “battle pass.” Outside, there’s also an actual Fortnite ice cream truck where you can buy some dessert. Epic Games went all out for this, which might explain why people are excitedly sharing photographs and footage online: most video game booths at conventions are boring by comparison.

Most of us won’t get to experience this proverbial Fortnite land, but if the hype for this installation is any indication, it’s probably just a matter of time before Epic Games makes a full-on theme park for everyone to enjoy.