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KSI vs. Logan Paul: how to watch ‘the biggest event in internet history’ live

After weeks of manufactured drama, diss tracks, and embarrassing press conferences, YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul will finally face off in a one-on-one fight at the UK’s Manchester Arena. The event kicks off Saturday, August 25th, and it will also include Deji and Jake Paul — KSI and Logan’s younger siblings, respectively — taking swings at each other in the ring.

Thousands are expected to show up to the event live, but everyone else can follow along at home.

Who’s fighting?

The Paul brothers got their start as creators on Vine. When the platform shuttered, they moved into vlogging and acting gigs. The Pauls have been entangled in various controversies, but it was over the last year that both caught the attention of mainstream media. In a report from KTLA 5, neighbors accused Jake Paul turning their neighborhood into “a warzone” with mobs of fans and stunts like setting furniture on fire in an empty pool. Logan later achieved worldwide notoriety after filming a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara forest.

Deji Olatunji, known as ComedyShortsGamer on YouTube, posts a variety of prank videos, vlogs, and gaming content to his 9.5 million subscribers. His brother, KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji) has more than 19 million subscribers. He’s made a name for himself through music and YouTube videos, as well as a boxing match versus fellow YouTuber Joe Weller. (KSI posed his boxing match challenge to the Paul brothers after he defeated Weller earlier this year.)

KSI isn’t without his problems, either. In 2012, he sexually harassed women at the Eurogamer Expo, asking questions like “where have your tits gone?” or sticking his microphone into their cleavage. Leading up to the fight, KSI has also repeatedly used Logan’s girlfriend, Chloe Bennet, as a prop for degradation and insults. KSI taunted Logan during a press conference by asking to meet Bennet, adding, “You’ve only got 85 percent of your testicle. Let me give her the other 15. I’ll show her a real man.” During weigh-ins today, KSI also showed up wearing a mask of Bennet’s face.

Logan and KSI are the event’s headliners; Deji and Jake will face off first. Jake and Deji are expected to hit the stage at 12:30PM PT / 3:30PM ET / 8:30PM BST, while Logan and KSI go on at 1PM PT / 4PM ET / 9PM BST.

The Pauls and the Olatunjis won’t be the only fights of the day, however. The full undercard for the match is as follows:

  • Deji versus Jake Paul
  • JMX versus Coach Richard
  • MOMO versus RossiHD
  • AnEsonGib versus Jay Swingler
  • FaZe Sensei versus overtflow
  • Rackaracka versus Scarce
  • Call me Ham versus Jrizzy Jeremy

How to watch

The fight takes place in the Manchester Arena, but a live stream will be available for those who want to watch from home. YouTube’s pay-per-view stream costs $10, and the first fight starts at 9:30AM PT / 12:30PM ET / 5:30PM BST.

For streamers outside of the US or Europe, the fight will also be streaming on uCast.

YouTuber True Geordie will provide commentary for the fight — a role he’s well-equipped for after doing commentary for the KSI versus Weller match earlier this year.

Why does this matter?

There’s profit to be earned for everyone involved with this event. The diss tracks released by all four YouTubers have racked up millions of views in only a few days. (KSI’s currently stands out as the most popular with more than 16 million views.) According to The Independent, British bookmakers have already taken more than a quarter of a million pounds of bets on the main event’s outcome. “We were blown away by the numbers we saw after KSI’s last fight, but that pales in significance in truth, with interest from a betting perspective likely to hit £300,000 by close of play on Saturday night,” one told the publication.

The event hasn’t even taken place yet, and it’s already shaping up to be a success that can be easily repeated. No matter how awkward, silly, or downright embarrassing the road leading up to it has been, it’s the Pauls and the Olatunjis who will get the last laugh — regardless of who wins.