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Vergecast: App Store chaos, ray tracing, and new MacBook Air rumors

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

This week on The Vergecast, Paul, Nilay, and Dieter start off the show with the news that Netflix is testing a payment feature to bypass Apple’s App Store fees, which leads into a larger discussion of (as Nilay calls it) “App Store chaos.”

Paul seems pretty excited about “ray tracing” — a term that Nvidia is using for its upcoming graphics cards — so the crew explains what that means and how far ahead Nvidia is compared to its competition.

Competition is a general theme in this week’s episode.

We’ve also got our two recurring segments in the show: deputy editor Liz Lopatto’s “This Week in Elon Musk” (which is now a newsletter) and Paul’s segment “Cold ears, warm heart.”

And we must not forget the latest Apple rumors that have hit the news in preparation for the likely Apple event in September.

But there’s a whole lot more in between that, so listen to it all and you’ll get it all.

03:35 - Netflix is testing a payment feature to bypass Apple’s App Store fees

20:39 - “Ray tracing” could bring the biggest graphics jump in a decade

30:59 - DJI’s new Mavic 2 drones have upgraded cameras and zoom lenses

34:34 - Nikon strikes back at Sony with first full-frame mirrorless cameras

40:09 - This week in Elon Musk with Liz Lopatto

44:15 - Apple’s MacBook Air successor will reportedly have slim bezels and high-res Retina display

51:14 - Microsoft to bundle Xbox One consoles, Xbox Live, and Game Pass into a monthly subscription service

52:56 - Paul’s weekly segment “Cold ears, warm heart

53:52 - A day in the life of a Waymo self-driving taxi

We also announced this week that we are going to try to publish a separate interview-based episode of the show in your feed every week as well, so let us know what you think!

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