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T-Mobile was hit by a data breach affecting around 2 million customers

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No financial data, Social Security numbers, or passwords were compromised

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T-Mobile has announced that on August 20th, the company was hit by hackers who were able to gain access to personal information from roughly 2 million customers, including the name, billing zip code, phone number, email address, account number, and account type of users. According to the company, more sensitive information — financial data, Social Security numbers, and passwords — weren’t compromised in the hack.

T-Mobile gave a statement on the breach, saying anyone whose data has been stolen either has been or shortly will be notified via a text message. So if you’re T-Mobile customer and you haven’t gotten an alert, you’re probably safe.

T-Mobile hasn’t given a concrete number of how many customers have had their information compromised, although in a statement given to Motherboard, a T-Mobile spokesperson noted that the hack affected “about” or “slightly less than” 3 percent of the carrier’s 77 million customers (which works out to around 2 million users).