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Fortnite’s lightning rift has created a purple interdimensional cube

Fortnite’s lightning rift has created a purple interdimensional cube


Here we go!

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For a day, the desert portion of Fortnite’s island kept getting struck by lightning bolts emanating from a rift in the sky. Nobody knew what it meant — the only thing that seemed clear was that the strikes were getting faster, and that every so often, a new cactus on the map would get destroyed. This evening, it seems that the lightning strikes are done, and they’ve been replaced by something even more mysterious.

Unlike the original rift event, which was broadcasted in advance by developer Epic Games, the end of the lightning phenomenon seemed to happen randomly and with comparatively little fanfare — some people may have missed it. Fortunately, some players managed to capture the climax, and the proverbial fireworks are a sight to behold.

So, there’s a giant glowing cube lying around on the map now, and it seems to literally be out of this world. The rift is gone, too. Naturally, players have already started to experiment with the cube. It doesn’t seem that you can destroy it, as the cube will throw you back the second the pickaxe connects:

Though it does seem fun to bounce on the cube:

While the cube only raises more questions, players are already starting to form theories. Some swear that there must be something inside, or that the surface of the cube hides a message. Players like u/ulus10 are hoping that the textures on the cube are symbols of some sort that players can decipher:

Likely, the event will continue to unfold throughout the weekend as the end of the season ramps up. Until then, you can visit the cube yourself: it’s visible from the moment you drop into the map.